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Makhulu’s Logistics Services

Air/Ocean Freight:
International Air Cargo and Ocean Freight Transport Services Company As transport brokers for air and ocean cargo, we offer customers a full range of worldwide shipping services.

We provide you with a vast transport network of air cargo carriers and international ocean freight agents.

This shipping network and its significant traffic volume gives us the ability to offer you attractive pricing from major international ocean and air transport carriers, thus keeping rates at the competitive level you need to take advantage of your global markets.

Supply Chain Solutions:
At Makhulu's Logistics, we help our customers focus on optimizing performance in their core businesses by implementing broad-range, innovative supply chain solutions that:
• Enhance visibility by leveraging information  
• Improve customer satisfaction through effectively managed processes.
Create value through operating and financial performance

Warehousing Solutions:

Warehouse Facilities Management:
Warehouse Facilities Management involves the identification of optimal site locations and the development of the optimal facility layout and equipment to enable the operation to run smoothly and efficiently.  

Selected Services:
• Inventory management: analytics and modeling of inventory levels and activities in    support of production and planning  
• Order fulfillment and material handling  
• Value added services: kitting, packing, metering, sequencing, light assembly, labeling,    bundling and unbundling, repairs  
• Reverse logistics  
• Staff hiring and training  

Warehouse Management Systems (WMS), RFID, EDI integration

Cross-docking enables the direct flow of products from the receiving area to the shipping area within a warehouse facility, thereby eliminating the need for storage. Cross-dock products are generally stored for less than 24 hours. Cross-docking requires close synchronization of all inbound and outbound shipment movements.

• Reduces inventory investments  
• Reduces storage space requirements  
• Reduces handling  
• Leverages existing transportation network  
• Increase throughput  
• Reduces operating costs  

Enables continuous product replenishment

Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI):
Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) is a replenishment model in which a supplier is responsible for fulfillment against orders issued on behalf of the manufacturer and based on demand information.

During this process, all parties are guided by mutually agreed upon objectives for inventory levels, fill rates and transaction costs.

Typical VMI fulfillment process:
1. The manufacturer provides daily production material needs via     EDI to Makhulu's.
2. Makhulu's pulls the requested material from inventory and     coordinates delivery to the manufacturing facility.
3. Makhulu's sends transaction details and replenishment needs     via EDI to the vendor(s) on a daily basis.  
4. The vendors analyze the information provided by Makhulu's to     fulfill purchase orders and maintain set inventory levels.

Transportation Management:
Makhulu's offers a full suite of transportation management capabilities including:

1. Transportation Consulting: Solution assessment, design, and     route/load optimization
2. Carrier procurement: Procurement of multi-modal, domestic     and international transportation, including rate and service     negotiation and contract management  
3. Shipment planning and execution: Management of the shipment     process by building orders into loads, selecting routes and     carriers, providing status, tracking goods in-transit with     delivery confirmation, and management reporting  
4. Mode Optimization: Determines the most cost effective     mode(s) of transportation based on historical data and/or real-    time data, taking into consideration volume, tariffs, and     delivery constraints  
5. Freight bill audit and pay (FBAP): Auditing, processing and     paying carrier freight bills  
6. Freight brokerage: The solicitation of freight or freight     capacity on the open market, and the subsequent contracting     of freight movements on a transactional basis
7. Global Trade Services: Services associated with facilitating the     exit, movement, and entry of goods between countries in the     most cost effective and efficient manner
8. Transportation Management System (TMS): Suite of software     tools to plan, procure, execute and monitor all transportation     events in a logistics network  

Dedicated Contract Carriage:
Dedicated Contract Carriage (DCC) includes the management of drivers, vehicles, maintenance services, route design, delivery and administrative support for a fixed price.

Dedicated Contract Carriage is typically used with complex transportation and distribution requirements.

Solution Features:
1. Optimized routing and scheduling  
2. Transportation planning and loading time  
3. Equipment management and availability  
4. Trailer capacity optimization  
5. Driver recruitment and driver hours scheduling  
6. Vehicle procurement and maintenance  
7. Risk management and regulatory compliance  
8. 24-hour customer response support and onboard technology
9. Backhaul support


Our vision is to add value for clients, colleagues, business partners and shareholders through consistent pursuit of excellence and commitment to our shared values.


Makhulus Logistics Mission is to provide innovative, practical and top-quality logistic services that improve business solutions. Our area of services covers Ground Transport, Air/Ocean Freight, Rail Transport, Auto Transport and other Logistics support services.

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